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The Critic

The critic, you must be.. Sychophancy comes naturally to most people. To be a positive critic , you have to develop yourself first. The need to feel superior to others is a major cause for people who put others down. Psychology says those who feel this need bully to knock others down. ... They may feel superior in that they can assert their dominance over another person. It could also make them feel strong or powerful to beat another person down. It is just a way indirectly to express that you are dumb and they are so much more smarter and wiser ! Such critics can see only the hole and never appreciate the doughnut. Much as that it may be, there is a great hidden value in criticism, if done constructively and with positive intent. Unfortunately, like most things, we expect people to somehow develop these critical constructive 'critic' competencies without investing in them. This is where it fails. As a critic unless you develop mastery over the relevant 'A KISS' skills, do not venture out to offer critique. The 5 (A KISS) qualities of a valuable critic are : +Articulateness with style +Knowledge of the subject +Insight deep of the critical clients +Sympathy and +Sensitivity

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