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The Festival of Human Pyramids

The Classical human 'Janmasthami' pyramid has deep lessons to learn from. Let us carve and curate these 10 lessons for learning ...

•The person on the top is totally dependant for success on the people below. He is not the strongest or tallest. He has a unique skill required to do the task at the top. Also that success is a collective effort, not an outcome only of his performance.

• Stability of the structure is tested at the top but it's foundation is created at the bottom.

• The middle is as critical. It can collapse the structure despite a strong base if the balance is not maintained.

• Stakeholders outside are observing with expectations but leadership is provided from within the structure.

• Adversity comes from all ends to distract focus & attention. But the actioning team knows how to cut-off the distracting external noise and this task has to be completed.

• Clear spots are pre-designated before the pyramid is built. Right guy for the right spot. This ensures proper alignment in the structure.

• The strong collective bonding of the team provides the force and energy.

• Final performance is an outcome of well thought out strategy, practise & collective confidence ahead of the event. The army that sweats in peace, bleeds less in war.

• Sucess is an outcome of motivation provided by stake-holders and the collective celebrations on achievement of success.

• Whilst the risky task is performed by the team, the stake-holders are ever ready to provide a security net should the pyramid collapse.

That makes for success of the Human Pyramids. Transferable lessons for all of us operating in the tall corporate pyramids of enterprise.

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1 Comment

Aug 30, 2021

Very well articulated

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