• Adil Malia

The Great Resignation

If you still believe you are the same person as you were before the pandemic hit our lives and that you did not personally learn any new lessons of life through this experience, you are either low on self-esteem or not transparent or suffering from serious learning disabilities !

Learning through life experiences is the best way to learn . It will otherwise not be your learning ... but trying to learn from second-hand experiences of someone else who lived it. That is weak. 

Only through  life experiences actually lived every moment by us , and accepting its errors and failures that we arrive at real, meaningful and serious realisations to draw meaningful life conclusions from, learn from it and seek directions to move forward.

Suddenly in the last 2 years, 'Purpose' of life became critical. Wellness did. Mindfulness did. Empathy did. Apathy did. Spirituality did. Surely, they became critical to you too. You are therefore not the same person that went in before the storm. 

Wonder why great minds are now debating so vigorously about 'The Great Resignation' ... that is only a come-back response to their learning from life.

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