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The Holi Primer

The Powerful induce their Hubris to allow megalomania take over their sanity (read Hiranyakashiyap, who wanted everybody to pray only to him & not to any God !) The rationality of the Powerful gets blinded by sycophants who instead of guiding wisely end up actually adding to their toxic beliefs by flattering and aligning their strength in blind compliance (read Hollika). The wise continue on their path of truth undetered by fear or destruction (read like Prahalad) . Ulitimately, evil despite being more than powerful, loses out to the wise & the good ultimately succeeds over evil (evil Holika though blessed, actually dies complying with her evil design to destroy the good Prahlad). This lesson is too critical in life & should never be forgotten. Rather it should be reinforced and thus is celebrated with colours, food, song & dance. Indulgence in its geity with family & friends to positively keep recalling this truth with fun. Have inserted this narration with persona dramatis from 'Holi' for those uninitiated. This story has corporate application too. Powerful Hiranyakashyap as a boss is not unknown. Hollika his sychophant partner in crime has corporate resemblances. Learn to be Prahlad and fight the evil being true to your self- belief. Holi Hai !!

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