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The Intelligent Mind Craves Power

The old serves it's role and paves way for the new. That is the order of nature. Neither the old blocks nor the new pushes the changing order. No resistance to the smooth process. There is no enimosity, there are no victories, there are no winners. There is only new that smoothly replaces the old and there is no blame game that follows.

However, as I Coach Corporate leadership teams I see resistance - a strategic push and pull conflict between the old and the new. The old resisting the new, the new challenging the old.

Possibly it is the intelligent mind that seeks to hold on to control thru Power much longer beyond its natural time and thus does not positively participate in the game of smooth Change in the Power Balance.

Unfortunate. Intelligence should lead to greater self- awareness and acceptance of natural order. But it ends up leading only to greater desire for power and self-perpetuation.

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1 Comment

Apr 16, 2023

The last two lines are blissful and reflects your greatness... Thanks ji Our respected Adilji..

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