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The King Of Aradus

Often one has experienced in the Corporate World, Executives feeling stifled approaching the Top Leadership requesting instructions for Sr Manager's to give them more operating powers as they were unable to perform & give results.

The CEO somehow remains silent, non-commital & the power situation too does not alter much as expected.

Reminds me of this story of King Aradus...

One day all the Ministers of the State of Ardus approached the King with a petition seeking his indulgence to pass an ordinance prohibiting all consumption of intoxicating substances in his Kingdom.

To their utter dismay, the King laughed at them & flatly refused to pass any such ordinance ever. The petitioners were very disappointed after they left his meeting.

On their way back, they happened to meet one of the King's most trusted Ministers. They narrated their sad story to him and also the King's unexpected response.

After listening to them & thinking for a while, he said .... what a pity. Had you guys met him when he was drunk, the King would have gladly agreed to pass the ordinance that you were seeking!

The Corporate narrative is not far different. We often seek sponsorship for behavioural changes from top leadership which often is the very source of cultural suffocation.

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