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The Lock in Our Mind!

Often, the most visible variable is associated with success. Though it might not be the real contributor, Ceteris Paribus 

(other factors remaining unchanged). But that is how our human psychology works. Surprisingly, that is how it works, even for you and me. The immediate and the most obvious to us is easily accepted by most of us as the key contributor to success and thus followed blindly !!!

Came across a fantastic 2005 study by Shiv, Carmon & Ariely. Volunteers of two groups were each sold an energy drink which was supposed to have magical effects to increase mental abilities to solve complex problems. They were sold at two different price-points. One group was sold at its standard 'mrp' and the others at a discounted price. The explanation for the lower / discounted price was its bulk purchase. Both the groups were thereafter given mental puzzles to solve in 30 mts.

Whilst the normal expectation was that the group that got the same product on discount would feel happy and thus solve more puzzles, the actual finding was otherwise ! The group that paid the higher 'mrp' solved more problems.

Having seen this, every subsequent group when given a choice to purchase, opted to buy the product at the higher price point ! Obviously we get fooled by random link to success.

Don't we do that in our engagement and other corporate best practices all the time ? Seeing practices work effectively in some organisations, we get carried away to imitate them without diagnosis,  understanding the context or the cultural readiness of our organisation for those practices and in the processl fail and feel frustrated.

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