• Adil Malia

The Lost Kingdom Of Intuition

Intuition is the original inbuilt design process for human decision making. Rationality is the logically learnt process for decision making fostered by Education, Logic, Models Frames & Classical Experiences. Intuition flies on feelings. Rationality walks on thoughts. Unfortunately,4 we have overtime, lost out on our Kingdom of intuition.

Intuition is about understanding the problem and arriving at its solution without need for conscious reasoning ... call it 'gut feeling', 'inner voice' or 'sixth sense'.

Unfortunately, we have been taught to over rely on the learnt processes at the cost of losing out on the original gut mechanism. Humanity has thus gained on logic but unfortunately has totally lost out on intuition. 

Intuition is faster, more accurate and more confident considering it works on inbuilt natural algorithms aligned & built seamlessly into the system based on the original design. But this can be helpful only if the over reliant Rational Man has the wisdom and patience to listen to the prompt of his inner voice.

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