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The Netfix - 'Keeper Test'

In the new normal, every resource has to justify its existence thru contributions. Particularly when times are tough, resources are scarce & budgets are challenged. Historical contributions should ideally prepare one to contribute much better to future challenges but only current contributions determine the real future worth. We just witnessed the great MS Dhoni in the recent IPL matches & how we all wished that he did not end his illustrious career panting on the pitch, rather than go as a legend. Beyond a point, the cost question of retaining a depleted vintage celebrity will be asked by people. Says Hastings the 'Netflix' CEO that one needs to ask this question of each employee - “Would I as the leader keep that person if he/she wanted to leave?”.No one keeps their job for free. Their Manager has to evaluate contributions & endorse the stay. Nonetheless, human beings are bags of emotions. Empathetic leadership has to mindfully maintain the long-term relationship balance. But if depleting contribution trends are observed, exhausted celebrities should not be dragged on Career Ventilators. Everyone needs to pass the 'Keeper Test'. This is not about young or old - nor new or loyal. It is about competence & contributions. That is the Key.

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