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The Poison Arrows

In a battlefield, the enemy had rained deadly arrows at the soldiers. Many died. 3 were wounded but still alive.

The first sat up & said : we need to see the Dr at the Camp. These arrows are poisoned.

Ahha, you seem to boast a lot of knowledge about arrows said the second. Do you know what poison this could be?

Venom said the first. Impossible said the second. Look at the number of dead soldiers. Where would they find so many snakes to get venom from? But every arrow needs only a bit to prepare, said the first. Came a rebuttal from second. And the heated arguments went on ..

The third soldier meanwhile had started hobbling & reached the camp. The dr removed the painful arrows. The soldier gritted his teeth & bore the pain. The dr administered a very bitter antidote. Slowly, the soldier recovered to return

3 soldiers got injured though not incapacitated. Only one survived. The other two analyzed, argued knowledgeably, debated all aspects & got angry. They perished

Success is an outcome of

👉Action Orientation .. walking rather then indulging in endless metaphysical debates.

👉Gritting one's teeth & not cursing the enemy when arrows were getting pulled

👉 Taking the bitter antidote with genuine desire to fight back

Metaphorically relevant, isn't it?

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3 comentários

Ravindra Nellimarla
Ravindra Nellimarla
21 de jun. de 2020



19 de jun. de 2020

Sometimes we shoot ourselves in our foot and blame it on others.


Ravindra Nellimarla
Ravindra Nellimarla
19 de jun. de 2020

True Sir...

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