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The Wonder Drug of Success

The innerds of the wonder drug of success has Happiness and Integrity as critical components of its recepie.

Happiness is subjective. The target shifts from individual to individual. Mind is fickle.

However , integrity as a core-value is not a moving duck. Integrity is Integrity. It is universal. Mind is mischievious. It tends to evaluate benefits and feeds and forwards that data to the self-centric control room to influence outcome of their decision or choice depending in what benefits it the most .

The Heart feels. Does not evaluate. Thus practise of Integrity should be from the heart where it is not measured or calibrated before use

On the other hand 'Integrity' as a Value is closely associated with the HEART... it's ingredients are..




Reliability and


Thus says the philosopher. If you are living and if Values & Integrity are compromised, stand up and be counted. Don't sit and sulk. Prove you are alive.

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