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To Trust Or Not To Trust

The world moves on Trust. But the Million dollar question is - to Trust or Not To trust and how does one develop trust on others ??? And the still more critical - a ten million dollar question, what should we be doing that critical people around us,  trust us ? Trust is the assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, and capability of someone in whom confidence is placed and thus dependence for doing something in the future. Past experiences determine trust for future. Greater the trust where there is a high degree of alignment between what is said and what is done. Credibility is the only factor on which the edifice of Trust is built. Trust says Psychologist Tony Simons, is built in three stages.  1. Behavioural Integrity 2. Established Credibility 3. Anticipated Delivery. Behavioural integrity is about our past experiences with the person we want to trust ... higher the alignment between his expressions of intent and his actual delivery, greater the trust on what he says or commits. Established Credibility is the second stage. Moving from the past experiences, one evaluates two things: (a) Perceived Banevolence :  If past experiences indicate super alignment, the Perceived Banevolence is high and vice-versa. Thus higher the chances of trust. Infact human mind gets attracted to the known than the unknown if the Perceived Banevolence is high. and (b) Perceived Competence : Assessment based on past report card about the belief whether the person can deliver or not to the current challenge at hand. Anticipated Delivery ... is about Perceived honesty. Do I think in anticipation, if the person I trust will finally maintain or break his word and committment to deliver. Generally, it is an unconscious exercise but the Agile human mind quickly evaluates the decision to 'Trust' someone through these 3 stages at lightening speed to thereafter arrive at a final conclusion to 'Trust' or 'Not to Trust'.   Once you get your 1M$ Q right, inverse & apply it to yourself. You get your 10M$ and more thus in your kitty.

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