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'Type-casted' are doomed Whilst all of us have realised the perils of 'Stereotyping' , it's country cousin variant - 'Typecasting' carries an equal jeopardy. Unfortunately, not recognised. 'Stereo-typing' is generic. 'Type-casting' is individualised. For whatever reasons, if an individual's behaviours rightly or wrongly are 'type-casted', people then refuse to accept even his authentic behaviours outside of that pattern. If one may have in early days at work been irresponsible for whatever reasons that tag sticks on for however long thereafter that one may work even with full responsibilities. Tag sticks hard. It is difficult to shake-off. Back-biter, Chamcha, Work-shirker, Gossiper are common corporate type-casts. Let me tell you a story...on the bank of a river, a hyena met a crocodile. On general enquiry, the crocodile says that life is very sad. Sometimes, in my pain & sorrow I weep, he says. But no one empathizes ... everyone says they are crocodile tears & it hurts me beyond all telling. The hyena says...but think of me. I gaze at the beauty of this world, it's wonders and miracles. And out of joy, I laugh. But the people in the jungle don't believe it. They see this & say - "it is but the laughter of the hyena". Get type-casted for Versatality.

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So true!!. Type casting just does not give the other guy a chance.

No forgiveness or empathy!


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