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Be simple. Be happy.

When you value your intrinsic strengths and do not consider it necessary to superficially dress it up for external view & evaluation by others, you are then in a state of 'Simplicity'.

Simplicity is anti pretence. Simplicity is authenticity. Either ways in its different forms - overplay or underplay, complication is a natural outcome of pretence. Let me explain.

When at work you overplay your dressing to impress others - Mt Blonc pens, accessories, Apple phones , Zodiac shirts, M&S ties etc.. when in your natural state you are not that .. this complication and incongruence will sooner than later, catch up with you.

But the other way around is greater complication too. My best friend at Work - Rohan (a brand showcase in real time) insisted on wearing white shirts and white trousers each time he had a scheduled meeting with a particular very senior Boss at Godrej (where we were both employed). He knew fully well that the Big Boss himself was a rather very simple person and got put-off with anyone overdressed or seen as wasting money on unnecessary things in life. That is playing the 'inverse simplicity' card and that incongruence in behaviour complicates the situation too.

Simplicity to me is about high congruence and least dissonance between one's intrinsic style and thinking and his/her unauthentic external manifestation of the same merely with an intention to take advantage of the situation. Haven't we all seen people at work do that ?

Thinking is a bigger dimension of discongruence when people say things to please the powerful group/ leader - just to be seen as providing support which is different than what we believe.

One rather be in a state of conflict with others rather than be in a state of unresolved conscious conflicts with self. Simplicity is critical.

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Oct 16, 2022

I just love this one....always believed this. ☺️


Oct 16, 2022

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication... IMO

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