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Using Power of 'Peer-suasion'

Let me share a coaching tip. Successful Coaches effectively use the power of peer-suasion to influence performance. The principle of social-proof operates like magic and should be used to influence correct behaviours. We are inclined to follow the leads, performances and successes of our peers and similar others who we believe have similar to our chances of succeeding or failing. This is called 'Peer-suasion' !

Data & success stories of many others similar to us having achieved challenging feasts is motivational says Prof. Cialdini. Thus one sees advertisements endorsed by 'man/woman looking like neighbours next door' as that has greater appeal to buy certain products than a celebrity endorsing these products.

Shahrukh Khan endorsing 'fair & handsome' cream does not appeal to me. Only if someone very simple & ordinary (who looks like me) endorses the cream as being effective would make me believe in that endorsement and thus experiment to use it. This is effectively using influence and power of peer-suasion.

People will imitate actions of others to decide how to behave , especially when they view those others as similar to themselves thru compelling evidencel.

Peer-suasion works for children as much as for adults. Try it with the young heroes at home and see. But do not generalise. Give realistic comparative data and then see the magic of Peer-suasion.

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