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Value When Twains Meet

Talent wants ...

~ a Strong Role Connection with Strategy & Purpose

~ a Meaningful Engagement in the Value Creation Journey

~ a Positive Work Environment

~ developmental exposure

~ market plus compensation

~ career development & growth

~ ongoing Communications


~ inclusive & caring Culture & Governance

Corporates generally end up offering :

~ Mark to median Compensation

~ Employee Welfare Programs

~ Training exposure

~ Family inclusive festival celebrations

~ Some sporting activities

~ Circulars and Notices

~ a set of multiple Employee Administrative policies

Consequently, the employees feel frustrated, misunderstood and unfulfilled. The Corporates feel frustrated with employee motivation, engagement and disconnected behaviours despite having invested time, offering Programs and investing funds. The general enterprise climate gets vitiated. One hears and experiences in such organisations, a lot of superficial, unauthentic & verbal loyalty hiding under layers of frustrations, demotivation and low morale.

And this twain unfortunately, keeps growing apart and never meets.

This sidesweep between the two critical actors in the corporate system is inherent in the character and very nature of the organisation design.

Wanted therefore in organisations are only a few intuitive 'people sensitive' strategic business leaders with ability to back-fill the gap and lead the enterprise on the path of its future success....instead of those large armies of professionals with impressive

degrees !

Where are you dear leader in this journey of parallel twains ??? Self assess your role in this befuddling corporate enigma. It will help you a lot.

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