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Victim of Myths

Victim of Myths

Mark Twain rightly said - " It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It is what you think you know for sure that just ain't so "

Over time, our knowledge is garnished with unverified myths borrowed either from mythologies, fairy tales & fables

True or false, we don't know. But they certainly leave behind scars & impact our thinking. This comes in our way as we determine our strategy.

Gary Keller points out that the real solutions we seek are always hiding in plain sight; unfortunately, they have usually been obscured by an unbelievable amount of bunk, which repeated over a reasonable period of time gets labelled as 'customary wisdoms'

If you analyze these myths & wisdoms deeper, you would conclude that these turn-out to be an astounding flood of 'common sense' that turns out soon to be non-sense.

Let me share 7 such Myths which I am wary of.They are :

1. Slow & Steady Wins the

Race 🥵

2. Frog slowly boils in

Luke-warm water with

rising temperature🐸

3. Fish Stinks Heads -

down 🐟

4. Bet on the jockey not

on the horse🐴🎠

5. Continue practise till

you succeed 🏊‍♂️🏊‍♀️

6. Praise

accomplishments &

not the struggle🌠

7. Left brained are


Do such myths influence you too ?

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