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Victims of Confirmation Bias

Based on our education, differentiated exposures, life-experiences & self-beliefs, all of us have unconscious leanings towards certain favourite narratives, patterns & scripts. Human behaviour by design is driven by it's desire to approach pleasure & avoid pain. Thus by natural choice, we unconsciously get attracted & find pleasure in evidence that confirms what we want to believe. This is called 'Confirmation Bias'. Whilst one must objectively view both positive & the negative consequences of options equally before deciding, in real time, such objectivity is painfully difficult. Inevitably therefore one unconsciously veers towards options that maximise one's pleasure. Proximity of the options to the desired positive outcomes that we want thence becomes the driver of our decision. Once we unconsciously choose the option, we then go out fishing for supporting data, logic & research. This is the bane of all serious decision making process. Confirmation Bias makes us all unconscious victims of it's honey-traps. Want to insulate yourself against this? Better would be to let your natural biased choice freely pick the pleasure giving option it is unconsciously attracted to and then go around finding evidence that disconfirms this favourite belief.

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1 comentário

22 de nov. de 2020

One can also describe it as a Cognitive bias where one tends to interpret the collected information to suit one's already firmed up thought process..... Human tendencies are such.

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