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Ways Of The Charlatan.

Charlatan is a rogue.

Slander is the dark indulgence and the ultimate refuge of a rogue who frantically wants to win but does not have data , logic, positive capability or reasons to back his deep desire to win.

He thus has but to resort to lies, attack character, challenge knowledge and create doubts around integrity of the one he opposes.

A rogue's style is generally pompous and his decibels are generally louder than others. His boasts of powerful friends, is made known even when not necessary to frighten and create an air of superiority.

How else would the otherwise loser make a last ditch attempt to win ?

Have you experienced wrath of a charlatan? At home, at workplace, in friend circles, in social organisations or in the neighbourhood ? Surely somewhere you have.

However, more critical is for us to avoid having our name appearing in the lists of such charlatans by unknowingly indulging in unjustified slander.

My strategy to tackle slanderous rogue attacks (and I have

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Be far away and as precise as ever and never hurt anyones feelings.. Coz this can take another form...just be under shelter of Divine wisdom.. And To pray for all goodness.. Grace to all... Be happy always...

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