• Adil Malia

We are Gut-Deaf

We live in a structured world that has educated & tamed our rationality to rely on 'EBITDA' ... Evidence Based Information Trenched in Data Analytics!  Unfortunately, that has made us 'gut-deaf' ! 'EBITDA' is important for decision making. No arguments.  But turning 'gut-deaf' as a side effect is the bad news. Acute need to observe a healthy blend is the case that one is arguing here.  Listen to your instincts. It is not prompting you thru your 'Guts' for nothing.Thousands of rich bespoke lessons learnt by you from past experiences are stored in your consciousness . They are accessed by your 'Qualia' at the point where a decision needs to be made by you. In mind theory,  'Qualias' are defined as individual instances of subjective, conscious experiences. Quickly, that relevant data is crunched at super fast speed  and recommendations are prompted to you thru your guts.  Strangely as we do not consciously crunch that data in our mind, we sadly pass it off as unscientific.That is why sole reliance on EBITDA makes our predictions & decisions often go wrong. When 'Black Swan Events' occur, people insist in hindsight that the event occurrence was obvious albeit not predicted. That is the price one pays for not listening to your instincts & turning gut- deaf. 

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