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Who Narrates The Story Is Important ...

Often we get carried away by what we see or hear in the first instance. We need to get deeper to understand who is the author of what is being said.

Without understanding the purpose , the context or the motivation, what may obviously appear to you in the first instance, may not necessarily be the ultimate truth or may give you a true and clear picture.

Indeed a lesson all Corporate leaders need to learn and be mindful of. Rushing to give the message to the Leader 'first' seems to be a passion and a race to victory that a lot of corporate employees have wrongly learnt in their attempt to prove their loyalty towards the leader. Right or wrong, full and complete or half baked..the message is reeled put with a dash.

A wise leader however, knows the difference and hence goes deeper to understand the author, the context, the purpose and the driving motivation behind that message so that a correct conclusion is drawn.

I love this short Aesop's tale. It conveys this point so effectively. Hope it makes you think too...

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