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Why We Need Goals?

Why We Need Goals?

To the question of the disciple (see doodle), the Zen Master asked for it to be parked for a bit

He then informed the class of a great friend of his visiting the school to share his learnings as per the Zen traditions. His friend, was a famous archer. Learning Zen lessons from him would be a matter of pride !

The sage further said .. to make this visit interesting, I will challenge him to an archery contest.There was silence. Everyone had heard of the mastery of the archer friend & though a Zen Master their teacher had no specific archery skills.

To ease their anxiety he said.. but don't worry. I have a plan to win...I will blind-fold my expert friend, spin him around & hide his target behind a tree. In this way, I will guarantee my victory!

Everybody in the class laughed. The Master continued..everybody knows that it would be impossible for even the best archer in the world to hit anything if he didn't know where the target was.

The disciples knew that the Master was not meaning to do any of what he said. He was tacitly answering the 'parked' question in his Zen way

Without goals, the bow & arrow would not be able to fulfil the purpose for which they were made. Likewise, we would waste time & not be able to fulfil the purpose for which we were created.

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