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Winning Thoughts

Everything begins with a thought. Ethereal and inspirational as this quote may sound, there is more to it. You energize the thoughts and it becomes actions fulfilling your aspirations.

A school of thought believes that 'thoughts' are representations of matter and are also therefore encoded in matter. They have shape and weight. Abstract ideas are analogically built from more concrete sensory representations. The sense of self is accordingly built from self-representations.

Thoughts are forms of information, and all information is physical and relational. It "feels" like something to "have" a thought and to "be" a self because we are that information, recursively reflecting on itself in an infinite regress. Thus thoughts are valued and have the power it is famed to have for it is the engine that triggers signals and drives all actions.

Thus you should encourage and nurture thoughts. The 5 thoughts you should affirm each day are :

1. You are the wimner and you have the potential within to be that.

2. You have the knowledge to chalk the path to success.

3. The path will emerge.

4. The energy of your thoughts will drive.

5. The universe will conspire.

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