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Yayati - Sole Goals v/s Soul Goals

This narration from Mahabharata I share with some mentees who mindlessly pursue material satisfaction as their 'Sole' goals. In the process, 'Soul' goals are given a pass. Sadly, they remain unsatiated despite fulfillment of their Sole Goals. Yayati an ancestor of the Pandavas married Devyani - daughter of the powerful sage Sukracharya. Yayati later falls in love secretly with Sarmishta (Devyani's companion) & gets married to her. This enrages Sukrachaya who curses him pre-mature old age at the prime of his man-hood. Upon Yayatis begging, the curse is modified - Yayati could exchange his curse if any of his 5 sons, agreed to exchange their youth. Yayati became unhappy to realise that his four pampered sons flatly refused to oblige. The fifth son who Puru did not like, agreed to exchange his youth for Yayati's infirmities. Post the exchange, Yayati enjoys his material/sensual pursuits for a thousand years. Yet remains unsatisfied. In frustration he goes to Puru & re-exchanges his youth for infirmities of old age & makes Puru the Emperor. One's desire for material success is unsatiable. It can't be life's Sole Goal. Pursuit of success needs to be wisely blended with Spiritual Values & Soul Goals. Only then is pursuit of happiness, possible.

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1 Comment

Oct 12, 2020

Thank you for sharing. It is absolutely important to lead a Life of Success with Happiness so as to unleash our true potential !!!

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