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You have still to decide.

When the choice is clear

- what is the challenge ?

When you have no option left

- what is the challenge ?

Sure you may be caught

between the Devil

and the Deep blue sea ...

In a Catch 22 situation,

Caught riding two Asses,

Or trapped

in a Hobson's choice.


in a predicament

or bottled in a pickle,

placed between a hammer

and an envil or

chasing two rabbits

..agey ho ghanghor andhera

ya pichey koee daku lootera

A Decision has to be taken.


you make a decision

or take one.


1. Check out your strength

2. Check out the time-lines

3. Trust your Instincts

4. Pray

5. Don't look back And jump.

Seeing your guts,

your problem may have experienced problems

chasing you !

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