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You Script Your Luck

Picture this scenario. You are waiting at a zebra crossing at Chowpatty. A wayward driver jumps the signal & in panic loses total control. Unfortunately, he dodges but the car hits you badly. This scenario was described to two sets of independently identified people on the basis of their responses to 'life questions' in a Survey : - Set I(Thankful): People who believed that in life they were better off than others for no apparent reasons attributable to them & - Set II(Bitter): People who believed that for no apparent reasons attributable to them they lost out on comparative success in life. Their responses to the above scenario was very intriguing. >Set I : 73% said they were damn lucky & the car could have literally killed at the speed it came >Set II - 68% felt terrible that despite crossing the road correctly they had to suffer due to terrible luck All responses were co-related to the 'coping/adaptation' questions in the survey. The learning is pellucid.Those who visualised the accident from a thankful mind-set, adapted/coped better with unexpected adversities than believers in the bitter script . You are what the narrative scripts you believe & subscribe to for yourself in life. That is luck.You make it ! (Based on a project by my students)

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