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"I am Born" or "I am Gone"...Your Subliminal Script Determines Your Wins !!!

"I am Gone" ...OR... "I am Born ". Your deep-seated belief when facing a real time transformation challenge, determines whether you will finally emerge from the situation - a loser or a winner!

Really not funny how different people see the same changing world ahead and yet write their recipes so differently...

* When you look at change agenda with your 'distress tainted grey glares' on, you see a dreary picture. In a way, it make you believe 'you are Gone' !!! The grey glare vision makes you see only volatility, disruption, challenges to traditional beliefs, destruction of your tools, mockery of cultural myths and complications in nurtured relationships within your space. All of this disruption leads to discomfort and hence high Anxiety.

* When you look at the change agenda with your 'exciting rose tinted lenses', you see a positively rosy picture. You see amazing opportunities, new tools, new logic, new science, seamless integration, smart innovations and excitement. Excitement incites you to action. In a way it makes people believe you are reborn!!!

It is a matter of your deep-seated belief in your psyche that influences you and determines your success or your fall. If you feel within you (given the current context) that you are GONE or in the same context, if you feel within you that you are BORN, your behavioural script supporting the change agenda, will get suitably written.

!!! Throw-off your Grey tainted glares and put-on your Rose tinted lenses to positively see the new world.

The new age of 'Digitisation' is born at the cusp of three critical domains - Changes in Technology, Globalisation and shifting Demographics in world geography (see the E&Y latest report 'Megatrends 2016 and Beyond' ). Very much like the Medici effect.

* Artificial Intelligence, Internet of things and Robotics are some of the new world technologies that are currently ushering in the new world agenda on the technical front. This influences the change agenda in a big way.

* Globalisation is redefining Markets, breaking down of boundaries, redefining Customers, Competitors and the Delivery Supply-Chain. This becomes the prime driver of the change agenda.

* On the third end, shifting Demographics like age, migration, education and other sociological cohorts is creating a new social order that is redefining market realities, services demanded, value propositions, new Service supply chain, new strategies and new models. This becomes the need for the change agents

Collectively, transformation in these 3 domains has ushered in the age of Digitisation thus creating a counter pressure for a 'Whole System Transformation'. To transform, is not an option. The risk of standing still is very high. The cost is unbearable. Sustainability is impossible beyond marginal moments. You will get fossilised in a time frame of the past, if you choose the stand-still option, whilst the world moves on.

Quickly discard your grey tainted distress glares and put-on your rose tinted lens. See the world moving positively, love it and be apart of the transformation journey !!! With your rose tinted lens, you will emerge the change hero. You need to write your new recipe !

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