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Decoding TRUST ..(purely as I understand)

Doodles, which my friends refer to fondly as 'Adilberts' - have been in a way, my way of thinking. This morning , my thoughts strolled and ambled to de-clutter the concept of TRUST. Thus the Doodle and this thought.

* Every human being has a purpose which may be only a dream, a loosely defined aspiration, subconsciously defined driver or a vividly expressed vision. This acts as his/her subtle drivers and motivators generally prompting his behaviours.

* In fulfilment of his purpose, he identifies direction and invests his capacity which may be - physical, intellectual or spiritual... Sometimes, he may fall short of his capacities. He then extends his capacity by hiring, borrowing or acquiring additional capacity.

* There are many elements not within his control in this equation like divine help, environmental facilitation etc.. elements which are outside his locum of control. All these elements have to get themselves aligned and synchronised with each other for the entire equation to work.

Given this situation, the Question is - What is TRUST ?

TRUST is a hope that the direction taken, personal or delegated capacity utilised, the spiritual and the other environmental factors required......get duly aligned and synchronised so that the final Purpose/desired Goal.

It therefore denotes the feeling that : - the goal driven actions undertaken or - the person to whom capacity to reach the desired Goal , duty or service has been delegated and - the enabling environmental factors and - the positive spiritual blessings required being the sum total factors required, - synchronise with each other so that the Goal is achieved.

TRUST emphasis a feeling of dependence and certainty. When TRUST is intensified, it becomes FAITH.

When TRUST is proven and establishes it's reliability by evidence, it becomes CONFIDENCE, which is a belief or conviction born out of time-tested familiarity.

Now this is actually a Corporate discussion. The moment we get into discussions on these softer aspects of meaningful values, it somehow gives a feeling that it is not a Corporate agenda for discussion. And how wrong are we. Corporate literature today is strewn with references to deep seated values, as part of their commitment statements and nurturing values. Unless we have clarity within, how do we plan to execute them ?

Thus this moseyed and ambled post for your weekend on a theme so close to me. TRUST you enjoy.

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