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Many battles are lost not because the war skills or the battle craft of the General fell short🔫. These battles were lost because the Army was short of the interpersonal Skills that were required to make the on the ground fighting decisions taken by the Generals acceptable to the people (in general), who were actually fighting the war. The corporate diagnosis for such missing skills is - deficiencies in 'Interpersonal Skills'.

Interpersonal Skills are critical to success of a group's ability to solve it's problems and arrive at high quality decisions. People work with people 👫and they need to support each other 👥as they pull their collective strength irrespective of their differences, to arrive at right decisions.✔

Interpersonal Skills comprise of 👋sub-skills

➡👂👂 Listening Skills Listening skills are critical in managing relationships with people...yet it continues to plague human organisations as it's most evasive skill. Listening skills are always short. Listening challenge arises from the fact that we actually think faster than we speak. This speed gap between - listening and thinking, actually impairs listening because we are thinking around the time we are speaking thus giving our brain enough opportunity to wander off.

🔃Supporting Skills 'Supporting skills' refer to seeing the others real point of view, when he is presenting it and thereafter backing it up instead of shooting it down or criticising it. Human mind has a tendency to search for broken patterns instead of complete patterns. It includes recognising merits of others and backing it up whenever it is necessary.

😠💀☛☚💣💥👿Differing Skills Most participation observations and its analysis shows that conflicts within the group causes it to collapse. Partly because we have never been systematically taught the process that needs to be followed whilst differing with each other. It should not appear as a personal affront if someone has a differing point of view than the group's perspective. Knowing how to differ is critical in developing positive IPS.

👦🏃🙌💃🙋Participation Skills Getting all stake-holders to 'participate' however resisting they may be initially and engage to get them involved, leads to their active participation which is critical to arrive at robust decisions. Participation in any which ways, is critical to groups wholesome success.

🙋👫🙌Consensus Building Skills Reaching a 'consensus' around the decisions with all those who at the ground kevel are responsible for executing this decision determines its real success. It is a very defining contributor. It is about working towards a common solution which all would accept as being logical and feasible and thus implementable effectively.

If the above IPS guidelines are followed, there is a high chance for the collective decision to be better in outcome and more acceptable in its execution. Thus the chances of its success in the team that follows it is more guaranteed than the team that ignores it.

Have you experienced and wondered why some teams of brilliant people, many a times, fails in delivering the final outcomes as compared to their more 'averagely' manned competitors ? The answer at times lie hidden here. Seek it and you will win ✌👍👏

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