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  • Paul Arden

'It's Not How Good You Are it's How Good You Want To Be'

The unanswered daily questions continue to haunt us. Never before was there a guide that gave out all the answers. That is exactly what this Paul Arden book does. It acts as a guide which gives the most logical and authentic answers to a lot of these strategic questions. It makes for a very good and fast air-craft read if you care to pick a copy from the airport book-shop

There is real time wisdom built around around some critical themes like :

- how mediocre people manage to keep creating value

- how are basic success fundamentals to be managed

- when to use wisdom and break rules

- when to give yourself a spin in life

- how to communicate and position yourself effectively and creatively

Look at some of these fantastic and creative words of wisdom....

👉 Creative people rebel because they feel rejected. The commercial world has greater demand for mediocrity than excellence !!

👉 Clever students in school, work for successful people in life who studied in their class

👉 give away everything you know...unless empty, one doesn't have storage space for new ideas

👉 winners make their current opportunity, the next big thing. The next big thing doesn't lie else where

👉 things that win awards don't win sales. Vice-versa true. Path breaking sales, win cart-load of awards.

👉 know your clients aim and there is only one- way of doing it....his way

👉 the person who doesn't make mistakes, is unlikely to do anything !!!

👉 It's wrong to be right. Its right to be wrong. People in the right are rooted in the past, right-handed, dull and smug

👉 It is never about what you know. It is always about who you know. You will now appreciate why backbenchers did better in life with more friends !!!

👉 Be creative and improve your Strikerate!

The book ends with 'Life's Creative Circle'. It helps to understand life's creative circle.This breaks the all time myth that it is something to do with Art. Nonsense. Creativity is imagination and imagination is for everyone.

Super book for your next flight...evokes serious fundamental thoughts yet is creative and entertaining.

Rate it 3/5. Will end with a noteworthy quote from the book.....those who lack courage, will always find some philosophy to justify it.

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