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  • John Krumbpltz and Al S. Levington

'Luck Is No Accident'

This book is about making the most of 'happenstance' in ones life and Career. Unplanned events, chance occurences more often determine life and career choice than all careful planning we do. This 150 page book is in a way a practical guide that actually prepares for the unexpected, to take advantage of chance events, to make the most of random 'happenstances'.

1. Chapter 1 talks about making the most of unplanned cannot control happening of such events but certainly how you react to it and what you get out of it, sometimes at the worst moments in your life.

2. Chapter 2 is about always keeping options open. Tunnel vision causes narrow focus. First we need to broaden the horizon of our thinking. Think wide. Dare to keep options open.

3. Chapter 3 pushes you to Wake-up before dreams come true. Dreams may not change but the enabling climate may change in a dynamic set-up. Listen to your gut. Listen to good advise but make up your mind Reassess priorities as circumstances change. Ask questions without fear. Whilst dreams are important, keep yourself awake so that you don't suddenly wake-up to see your dreams crashing. Test yor dreams and wake-up if you see dreams failing. Keep all options open and mind open to take-up these options when situation requires it.

4. Chapter 4 is about trying-it even without knowing the outcome. One needs to take risks that are likely to pay-off. Discover the unknown aspects of ones personality. Take risks with unknown outcomes. Success comes to those who try find new things and try it.

5. Go ahead and make mistakes in the take-away from chapter 5. Capitalise on your mistakes. Wrong address may help you to make new friends. Also gain inspiration and use other people's mistakes.

6. Take actions to create your own luck.The more you work, Greater the share of luck you can have. Chapter 6 makes you realize that future starts now. Always do your best for it pay-off great dividends, much later. Don't let self- doubt hamper you. Whatever one does, most important is to prepare for and take relevant action and for which you may want to try new activities and style.

7. Go for the job and then learn the skills is the story of chapter 7...'Yes, I Can' should be your attitude. Every job is a learning experience and thus learn the most out of each of your experiences. Treat obstacles to learning as challenges.

8. Good life is a balanced life. Learn to enjoy it. Chapter 8 prompts you to take charge and put yourself in charge of creating a satisfying life. Enjoy the ride of your life. Take up new sports.. hobbies. Volunteer for social action. Enjoy every drop of life.

9. Overcome self-sabotage is the script of Chapter 9. Create your own passion. Remove self obstructions put in the journey by developing helpful beliefs. Failures should be managed with maturity and not emotional set back and baggage.

10. Chapter 10 tells you to remember that luck is no accident. Be always learning, always trying, always wondering. Create your own luck in life. No great deed, private or public, has ever been undertaken in a bliss of certainty.

This is a kind of quick-read book you pick up at the airport on flight to a business meeting...quickly flick it over and pass it on to your younger brother as a travel gift. Would rate it 2.5 on 5.

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