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'People' deliverables of an effective leader

Mining value from highly paid talent is one of the key 'People' deliverables of an effective leader. Organisations hire highly paid employees to man their Key Managerial positions. However, their leaders fail them drastically by thereafter not mining value from this acquired talent, which was the very purpose for which the talent was hired, in the first place, at its high cost. Unless performance is seriously metricised and periodically monitored, you only add numbers to the cost line. Decline in your organisational performance is thereafter but natural with full corresponding values from hired talent not forthcoming to balance the equation of cost. Most leadership coaching tends to give a miss to this aspect of leadership defeciency whilst over stressing on building & displaying appropriate leadership behaviours. Where rubber hits the road, leadership is expected to support enterprise to create value by mining value from its talent. Before planning to sweat their assets more, organisations need to be mindful that they have not deep-frozen talent. To unfreeze talent potential and get them to contribute value is the role of leadership.

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