• Keith Ferrazzi

'Never Eat Alone'

This book is about building the citadel of your success, one relationship at a time. Relationships are all there is. Everything in the universe exists because it is in a state of relationship to everything else. What distinguishes highly successful people from everyone else is the way they use the power of relationships...they ensure that there are no lovers in the game. Everyone wins something or the other.

Ferrazi lays down the mindset one needs to reset, the timeless strategies and the specific steps that one needs to follow in the journey to build positive relationships. We live in a world where our net worth is determined by the network of our relationships. It is like multilevel marketing....thru generosity, helping friends connect with other friends. Authenticity in relationships is very critical to Ferrazzi.

He propagates a few good ideas, some of which I was indeed impressed by...

☝ Don't keep one is self-made . You should win and also ensure that the people who are important to you also get what they want. Build a 'Club' like network with people who matter. It is a constant process of giving and receiving. That is called 'connecting'.

✌ Build the relationship well ahead of time...certainly not at the last minute.Build it before you need it.'Ping' Constantly...stay constantly in contact with the key people in your net work. Keep 'pinging' all the time. Never miss opportunities...birthdays, sad days, celebrations or masses. You need to be connected.

👌 Never Eat Alone....being invisible is a fate worse than failure. Never miss an opportunity to connect. Begin by making a list of relatives, friends and neighbours...and then expand list to their connections. Once ready, systematically plan to build connections. Relationships never grow by inertia.

🖖 Create a Personal 'Board of Advisors'...they you trust and thus will come forward to guide you whenever you are caught in a trap not knowing who to contact

🖐 Don't feel Awkward...genius in audacity is a virtue that leads to success.

👌👌 Build authentic relationships...don't be a networking jerk. Adopt style and grace as you do it. Don't make it crass.

🖐 ✌ Relationships are built on Warming calls...never on cold calls. Reach out with value propositions..not just meet and greet. That's good only for the sales boys to showcase products. Not to build bonds and linkages.

🖖🖖 Successfully break through the Gatekeepers. Do not antagonise them or they will block your movements

🖐🖖 Master the art of Smalltalks...they subsequently veer to the critical talks

🖐🖐 Build a strong follow-up mechanism...don't let him forget you or recall you as an image. He should be able to recall you and your coordinates.

Welcome to the connection-age. You win by links. Strengthen them systematically and be a winner. A link and a wink can save you from the brink. Relationships are thrive on dividends.

I just loved it. I would say a must read for all professionals in the age of networking. In a way it links up to emotional intelligence which distinguishes a winner from his other counterparts . Win with links !!!

Would rate it 4 on 5.

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