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Young Zuckerbergs

It is natural that when paradigms change , ambiguous and volatile times are a natural outcome. It is but logical for the 'Age of Innovations' to follow when old ways of doing things fail. Young entrepreneurs with new wave ideas become the heroes in the changing era. As a coach, often times I am asked this question..."I have a unique idea. I see the need. How do I now become rich?" I tell them 3 things... 1. If you can dream it, you can make it. Start small but certainly think big. There has to be a profitable niche. Even Gates did not start big Day one. Determination & Patience helps. Stay on. 2. Even a unique Idea is not good enough. A zillion good ideas are strewn on the streets. Your unique idea needs to be backed by a strong business plan and a value proposition. Sustainability is critical. Develop a compelling business Plan 3. You may have have seen opportunity in the market gap you identified. But is there a market in the gap ?? Will it make real money in the market ??? Go to your Angel Investors with such detailed planning. only then he can help you. Angel is not God sent for you to make money on your ideas. He is a businessman who creates value for himself by investing in your young ideas. Show him how both of you can.

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