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Hire with your Head, Fire with your Heart

Hire with your Head...but certainly Fire with your Heart

Organisations invest huge funds in buying right tools & mastering techniques before they hire talent. That is one of the best investment decisions we influence our clients to take upfront whilst mustering in one of their key value creating resources. Just no debate..hire with the best knowledge & skills of yr Head.

However, they also need to divest their interest in talent (if they need to 'fire' someone in their organisation) with grace, style and possibly some genorosity. Never let crudity & ridicule be your tranacting style with an employee asked to exit. Unless there are integrity issues, do not immediately march an exiting employee to the gate with your Security staff. Let him leave with a happy memory and a +ve after taste rather than leave with a resolve to either play 'Even-Stevens' with you once he leaves or be forever yr public enemy #1. Fire with style & grace.

Never use the words..' YOU ARE FIRED !'.

Work-out a mutual packet with confidentiality agreements. Be generous for that is the cost you pay perhaps to protect your IPs,strategies, resources & contacts. You could be disgraceful to an exiting employee to vent your anger but remember, others who remain are still watching you.

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