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It is at the cross-roads that the world changes

Re-Mastering new Fundamentals when the Path Winds makes Champions... Till the road is straight and you have mastered the fundamentals, you can keep excelling if you follow the rules. But at the point of strategic inflection where the fundamentals change , success is re-determined.Talib in his famous book - The Black Swan rightly says that we cannot predict the future from the past, so we must expect and prepare for the unexpected. Complacency is a natural state of the mind adopted to relax, when things are going well. But history (and corporate history more) narrates tales to learn lessons from. This is the suicide point particularly that Champions need to be wary of. Andy Grove (ex Intel) rightly writes..success breeds complacency. Complacency breeds failure. Only the paranoid survive. Success makes one believe in his championship. He crosses-over unknowingly from 'Confidence' to 'Over-Confidence'. Thus at the point of inflection over-confidence misguides & tells him to do more of the same that he is good at. Managing cross-roads is therefore critical to avert catastrophes. Analyse..listen..observe & replan when your old strategies fail on new roads. Repeating failing old strategies with greater vigour is not a plan for the Champion's future.

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