• Adil Malia

Differentiate your services

Your brand should make your clients believe they will win with you.

Your journey may begin with finding a gap in the market. But you will have to determine if indeed there is a big enough market (particularly interesting for you ) in that gap.

Having found that interesting market gap, determine how you choose to be different from other service providers. ('The FiRM' believes its strategic differentiator emerges from its unique ability to 'Execute' bespoke business solutions to its clients.) That now becomes its differentiator. Indistinguishable services make you insignificant in the myriad collage of competitors. The differentiated elements are then integrated to create a unique personality.

Clients choose yr services vis-a-vis other service providers based on their perception of this as yr USP Millard Brown Consulting recommends an interesting pyramid to bond with yr clients:

🤓 Make the clients first notice yr brand

🤔 Make the client count advantages that yr brand fulfills & he can even afford its services !!!

🙄 Make the client believe in the superior performance of your brand vis-a-vis competition

🤗 Making the Client bond & experience a feeling of 'deja vu' having found exactly what he wanted.


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