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We too can create the Medici effect

The Medici Effect...

the magic at intersections We live in an interconnected world where quantum learning happens at the junction where sciences, philosophies, finance and art converge. This is called the Medici Effect. The book by Frans Johansson highlights this unique quality of the interaction between domains of different sciences and learning. Together it has potential to forge a new world based on emergence of new ideas...the same as what the Italians saw under influence of 'The Medici family' and brought about a period of reawakening known in history subsequently as the period of Renaissance. We too can create the Medici effect and ignite the explosion of ordinary ideas by bringing together learning at the cross roads from different disciplines and cultures.

Very interesting book. Reading it for my book review section on my web-site We could have a LinkedIn Discussion on this after I read the book and you read the review, if some of you like. Until then...happy times.

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