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Social Authenticity

You have always got to be humble and socially authentic...knowing yourself, being yourself and disclosing yourself makes effective leaders.

It is necessary in personal life as in professional life, irrespective of ones subsequent successes, to be humble. Most successful leaders in real time are tall people, well grounded, with a clear sense of who they are and where they have come from. No pretentions. They are distinctly comfortable with their roots and with pride have come to terms with their biography.

Comfort with ones origins hallmarks successful people who combine their self awareness with a distinct ability to disclose their past with pride. Their subsequent success does not make them pretentiously forget or hide their very humble beginnings. In fact they make their humble beginning & their strive to success a virtue for their pride.

That is what builds a leader's social authenticity quotient..a critical ingredient of their success. Narendra Modi and Narayanan Murthi personify such socially authentic virtues with pride.

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