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Every professional is a potential Querist

Every professional is a potential Querist. Deep down, everybody has unanswered Questions for which he is searching the answers. Sometimes for fear of evaluation,sometimes procrastination, sometimes pre-occupied,such Queries remain unanswered. Partly also because of our belief in magic. We were taught as children to write our doubts & tuck it under the pillow for the 'Angel of All Answers' to visit whilst we were sleeping &leave answers magically in our minds. Little did we realize that it was mom's ploy to know what was happening. Unfortunately, the 'Angel of All Answers' did not study management (remember, Management science is recent)..thus the management queries under the pillow remain unanwered ! The 'Querist Corner' on our web-site is exactly that...your modern day pillow under which you can leave your queries, organisations questions, talent pains , nagging leadership experiences and WE will try to contact 'AAA' & source answers for you Anonymously we could also post your query on our website &try crowd sourcing responses from 17,000 followers. Every problem you professionally have, has an answer hidden somewhere or has none. If there is an answer, we will try & find it. If there is none well you never mind it !

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