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Championship is about Versatility

Versatility is what champions are made up of. You can't be a winner only on certain types of special courts. That is too limited. Championship is more about your winning mind-set and about your ability to quickly modify your game given a change of context than being dependant only on the nature of the turf you are playing.

To be a real champion, you got to be a winner on all types of turfs, particularly at times like these where ability to predict the nature of future challenges is impaired by volatile and complex nature of economic realities.

Effective Corporate leadership seeks versatile and integrated leaders. A leader has to target to be a composite all turf champion....the best wholesome combination of hard skills and soft skills - all rolled into one.

There is no space for the 9-1 or 1-9 combination on the Grid . Only the 9-9 ! Prediction is rightly so...future will see a lot of functionally specialised jobs in corporate context losing their existence (HR, Marketing etc). It will be a world that will see emergence of composite leaders who will be integrated champions of all specialisations. So prepare yourself if you are not yet already There, for a world of the composite winners !!

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