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Leaders Eat Last

Leaders Eat Last

Confidence that leadership from the top will provide an air-cover should adversity hit and furthermore an element of trust and belief on the peers that they will not let you fall should you happen to accidentally slip is what a positive work-place environment made-up of.

Such positive work-place environments have cultures where leaders provide cover from the above in moments of adversity and people on the ground keep looking out to protect each other to ensure that none amongst them is hurt. Such confidence and trust in reciprocation, encourages a feeling of passion that makes the associate members of the team walk thru fire-walls and swim deep dangerous oceans to achieve the purpose of their enterprise.

Organisations acutely need passionate commitment and total dedication from their associates and followers to fuel their Enterprise purpose in adverse and highly competitive markets.. They actually rue the absence of such passion when they experience it not forthcoming. However, they are willing to invest precious little in developing an eco-system that fosters, motivates or nurtures such passion in their people.

In fact , at times to the contrary, their eco-system signals subliminally, an opposite sentiment - check outs, bio-metric attendance systems, deductions from wages for late-coming, lay-offs when business slows-down, retrenchment...etc. Their publuc rebuke and treatment at times, makes the associate feel very antagonistic towards that Company.

Their 'People Policy Manual' actually reads like an extract out of the 'Jail Manual' narrating all the restrictives that the Associates are expected to adhere to and observe. Every alternate clause literally threatens with consequences that read..." should the associate fail to....." . Where from and what should then prompt reciprocal Passionate behaviour from the associates in such restrictive conditions ???

Recommendation in such a context is for :

- Enterprise to foster a reciprocally trusting culture...distrust never begets trust

- People Manuals to be more inclusive and and accommodative..restrictive policies do not foster passion

- Leadership to give total air-cover against

genuine errors and protection against adversities. A selfish leader never experiences loyalty

- A cult like sense of bonding inter-se between associates that provides a sense of confidence that they will protect each other and not let any one amongst them fall should one of them face an adverse condition.

Leader is crucial . Whilst he makes the chef bake interesting receipies for the team...a leader rightly says Simon Sinek has to remember that under all circumstances, he eats last

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