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A chance to survive!

People need to feel sufficiently protected from their Vulnerabilities People enlightened organisations ensure that they provide them with a feeling of protection against their vulnerabilities and reassures them that they have a chance to survive.

Danger from the unseen and the unknown has always been inbuilt in the design of life by nature. Be it strange creatures, dangerous animals, predatory tribes or storms, thunders, famines or other acute calamities. Prevalence of uncertainty continues in the design of nature . And so does the human need to feel protected against uncertainty.

Modern living may recognise this by fancy what you may - VUCA times et al. But the base fact remains unchanged. Nature has designed dangers in life against which the living feel vulnerable. They need to collectively protect their vulnerabilities by pulling their strength and managing the uncertain stresses of times. Such collective pulling of strength is not only to build a force of resistance against the new uncertainties. It could be in the nature of evolving innovative ways, establishing new methods, designing new patterns or evolving a new science or researching a body of knowledge to handle new challenges.

The leader is responsible to bind the collective might of the team to build a 'fence of reassurance' around the areas which are vulnerable and guard the people who feel insecure. Says Sinek that when such a 'Circle of Safety' is strong , the feeling of belonging is ubiquitous. Collaboration, trust and innovation is fostered in such an environment that provides insulation and a feeling of protection.

Positive Workplaces provide a feeling of protection to their people. Leaders of such environments draw from the collective strength of their teams. They foster a feeling that singularly they would get swallowed up by the powerful forces of change. They thus would get destroyed. It is only in remaining together and contributing to the collective designing of new patterns, evolving a new science or researching a body of different knowledge or developing new skills to handle these unknown challenges that they have a chance to survive.

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