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Anticipation and Expert Co-ordination

Had many interesting chats with my battle-scarred father-in-law who was a celebrated 'infantry' man. We had diametrically opposite perspectives on man-management and leadership. Sometimes, ofcourse we agreed. This once we had and thus I write... Having a strategy provides an edge...but by itself, it can provide an edge but thats not end all. Effecient logistics supports the Army but by itself cannot add critcal extention of time to the forces in the field. A strong communications team boosts morale of the forces but cannot win wars. Armies succeed only when an invisible hand orchestrates all these critical elements & sets the timing of all the influential driving sub-sytems to a common clock. This creates the real magic that wins the wars. Life threatening challenges do not deter armies from succeeding. Despite different departments independently offering specialised services, armies succeed in wars only when they master the art of anticipating and expert co-ordination in designing action between driving systems, in time &space. This is the secret that makes the Army win bloody battles...this is the secret that makes corporates succeed in volatile and complex markets

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