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A sad sequel...

After morning post on Work Place Harassment, my private e-mailbox has been hit by at least 80 messages of friends narrating tales of their WPH experiences. Sad, indeed sad. Even I had not gauged the extent of this problem. But there is confusion..sexual place harassment...bullying...mobbing &hostile work environment are all different. Let me explain.

Please see Steps I to VII in the doodle. In Step I Victim's conflict begins at workplace with the Corporate Bully B.

StepII...Clearly, time passes & the small conflict has not been resolved

Step III..Management is aware of it but makes no effort to intervene or resolve.

Step IV..Bully B targets the victim &makes him or her a scapegoat for all failures.

Step V..ganging up happens and all spineless cronies of Bully B gang-up against the victim. Maybe to show loyalty to Bully B.

Step VI..collectively they all spread rumours, gossips, character assassination, ridicule, leak victim's personal information etc. The collective act makes it Mobbing.

Idea is to torment & destroy the reputation& credibility of the victim& thus victim's chances of success, which sometimes is the cause of the original conflict. WPH leads to hostile work environment.

When sexual favour the bully seeks from the Victim is the basic cause of the conflict at the Workplace, then it becomes Sexual Harassment at Work Place.

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