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Learn to dwell in the harmony of Conflict.

Conflict management

Passionate as one may be about one's Vision, there will always be some who will have another point of view. The whole world does not have to see the same way you do. This may frustrate, make you angry & you feel dislodged from your journey.

However, viewing these some as your antagonists or opposers is yr folly. Feeling frustrated in this situation is to deal from your weak spots. This does not help, for one cannot ever win wars fighting from weak spots.

Being a life-long student of positive psychology & Appreciative Coaching, I would suggest that leaders learn to pause &seriously reflect on different perspectives on the table.

You need to first change your script. The one with another perspective is not necessarily your enemy. Move away from the idea that opposition is personal. Approach the belief that it is a situational opportunity for you to find a collective positive way to the correct conclusion. Learn to dwell and capitalize on the harmony of your conflicts.

My coaching experiences make me expose Clients when they find themselves in such situations to what is called 'Confirmation Bias'. Effectively it means....look-out for evidences that support & confirm your logic to defend your thesis. Avoid logic of dissent that contradicts.

'Balance' thru 'counter balance' ...dwell in the harmony of Conflict. Value partners that counter-balance you and keep reminding that disagreements can help you reach your destination in ways you hadn't even thought before.

And may you doing so, continue living in exciting times

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