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Best Practices should suit the DNA of your Enterprise.

One should never be insulated from learning new things under an illusion that all that it needs to know is prevalent within the archieves of experiences and the knowledge bank of the enterprise. It is wise to keep an open mind and be always watchful of the wonderful new ways in which things get done elsewhere for theirin may lie the secret levers of your success that may have somehow eluded you.

However, such learning comes with a caution. Be ever so minful of the fact that unless the 'best practise' you wish to so adopt in your Enterprise is in synchronity with the DNA of your enterprise, it will get rejected.

This simple fact somehow appears to elude the wisest minds ... thus failing the entire change initiative. Stop your search for 'Best practices' and commence your search for culture matched - 'Right Practises'.

Ask surgeons who do human body implants. The largest number of implant failures arise due to the body rejecting that implant as being foreign and thus alien to it.

Merely because other bodies may have accepted that implant does not disenable your body from rejecting the same.

Remember that in a conflict between culture & a best practise, the latter stands no chance.

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