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What kind of art form are these graphics and illustrations that accompany my social-media posts..? Curious questions on the unusal graphics that illustrate the various Management themes and thoughts that I write on, never stop being asked to me. Often seriously and that is understandable. Sometimes mockingly, I presume. Which also is understandable. The graphics are very simple and basic, seem rather child like scribbling, does not seem to have any art form in it, is low on aesthetic value and the colours used are garish and appear grossly exagerrated....true all that. But for the uninitiated, let me explain. In pure art language this style is called 'Fauvism'. Its a movement that was started in France by a bunch of painters, in the early 20th Century (between 1910 and 1915) - popularised by artists like Matisse, Braque, Duffy, Derain and others.This style is in contrast with other styles that prevailed in that period like Cubism, Expressionism and Impressionism. The Fauvism style is characterised chiefly by use of vivid colours in immediate juxtaposition with the contours usually in distinct contrast to the colours of the area defined. The themes initially were limited to urban contemporary but later got extended to sea-scapes and land-scapes as well.  I personally prefer this style of graphic illustration for my views on contemporary management topics that I write on. The characters in these graphics generally tend to develop a very quick & strong identification and emotional connect with the readers. The stark use of exaggerated colours in the graphics as in Fauvism, comes in handy to represent the themes to create an appeal and a strong connect.  Thats the form you see expressed in these graphics... The hobby began as a classical college 'doodler' (a waster drawing meaningless themes in note-books generally in the canteen instead of focussing on the learnings in the class-room). It got channelised subsequently into 'Fauvistic' graphics to illustrate posts and blogs over time, alongside when the doodler somehow ended up becoming a professional !!! Hope it satisfies your curiosity. 

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