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Ubuntu - we are all in this together !

Ubuntu is a profound African philosophy of 'oneness' that drives pursuit for purposeful living & whole system transformation. Said Nelson Mandela ... if we are to accomplish anything in this world, it will in equal measure be due to the work & achievements of others.

Ubuntu philosophy has many corporate lessons. These are the Six I loved : 👉 we tell rationalised stories to convince ourselves & explain our behaviours. But in a community, we should seize opportunity to challenge & align these stories that might be hurting our performance & inhibiting growth 👉 unless the purpose of change churns with natural energy in your heart, you cannot convince others. 👉 without building trust & respect, motivational techniques appear manipulative 👉 differences are natural. Strive to find what is common & work together. 👉 when you leave your comfort zone & adopt unfamiliar stance, you feel unsettled & afraid. That is when maximum support is required. 👉 till people believe they are unimpactful 'little' people, the work of Ubuntu will remain. People should believe they can influence the collective transformation story.

Some people say Ubuntu means humanness.. some describe it as 'humanity in humility'..the only way transformation can succeed.

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