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An Inspirational leader has a deep sense of Remorse. A leader who is spineless & has no sense of 'remorse' can never motivate his team to walk through the fire-wall of adversities. Remorse ... a sense of deep & painful regret for wrongdoing. Power leaders often operate from a defective script that makes them believe that the norms of behaviour they prescribe for their team, do not actually apply to them !!! They believe in their preordained superior divine birth. Thus they can do whatever they choose. But subordinates (being children of a lesser God) have to comply with the leadership's commands ! I experienced a Manager who spent about 2 hours each afternoon solving the 'Cross-Words' without remorse, expecting us (lesser mortals) to wait after office to get her attention for work issues.God save if you did not wait ! She lacked empathy. Did not care for the trouble her Managers had at home due to regular late returns. 'Lack of remorse' and 'No empathy' the two criterias for success. She failed drastically. You may be slightly low on other leadership capabilities. Tolerable. But if you are low on remose & lack empathy means your EQ is low. In that state atleast do not try leadership. You will hurt your ego and certainly hurt yourself. 

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